Milos island also has a second port, Pollonia, which lies on the northeast side of the island, 14 km away from Plaka and 10 km away from Adamas. It is the departure port for ferries to the island of Kimolos as well as for many boats and yachts that want to travel the neighbor island or for trips around the island of Milos.

Pollonia is a fishing village where in the early morning you have the opportunity to buy fresh fish from the boats or to eat it later in the picturesque taverns right at the beachfront.

To the left of the settlement, at the Lighthouse of Pelekoudas, it is believed that a temple of Apollo stood once, from which the village got the name. When coming from Adamas one will face the ruins of the ancient city of Phylakopi as well as several beautiful beaches.

Pollonia is one of the villages that deserve to be chosen for your accommodation, since it offers many apartments ad at the same time you are right next to many beautiful beaches. In general, distances in Milos are not great and if you have your own car or if you have rent one, you will not encounter any problems.

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