Adamas is the port of Milos and the first impression you will get reaching at Milos. The village is built on the right side of the bay of Milos, which is one of the safest natural harbors in the Mediterranean. It was built in the year 1835 by Sfakians who sought refuge in the island after a failed rebellion against the Turks.

Adamas is the tourist center of the island since it provides everything the visitors need. From cafes and restaurants to ouzo bars and night clubs, from supermarkets to pharmacies, clinics and shops of all kinds. The village is the most chosen destinations of Milos, therefore you will find many hotels and apartments for rent, since it combines relaxation and tranquility with its nightlife and entertainment.

The distances in Milos are very small. The longest route does not exceed forty minutes, and by selecting your accommodation in Adamas you will be in the center of Milos island and in reach of all beaches.

Next to the Adamas are two (2) very nice beaches, to the right of the village is Lagada and left and just outside (500) begins Papikinou beach which has been awarded the blue flag. These are two beautiful beaches with crystal blue waters.
  • Tourism Awards 2016 SILVER

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