Thermal Bath Tourism

Milos is located very close to the volcano of Santorini and because of the post-volcanic activities it features several hot springs.

The thermal baths of Milos were known even to Hippocrates who reports about them in his book "Epidemics." The hot springs of Milos treat rheumatoid arthritis, peripheral nerve disorders, dermatological and gynecological diseases.

Hot Mineral Springs of Milos
Hot mineral springs exist in several parts of the island. The most popular are:

Lakkou Adamas
Temperature: 33-41 C⁰, depending on sea level and weather
Composition: Geothermal sulphide, ferrous, chlorinated

Charou Adamas
Temperature: up to 85 C⁰
Composition: Chlorinated, salted springs

Temperature: 28-40 C⁰
Composition: Chlorinated, Radioactive

Temperature: up to 50 C⁰
Composition: Chlorinated, salted springs

Temperature: 65 - 90 C⁰
Composition: Sulphide, Fumaroles

Temperature: 65-90 C⁰
Composition: Sulphide, salted springs

Temperature: up to 41 C⁰
Composition: salted springs

Tria Pigadia
Temperature: 33 - 41 C⁰
Composition: salted springs

Contact information
Municipality of Milos
Tel.: (+30) 22870 21370 & 21380
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