The inspired modern store brings out the luster of gold and silver jewelry. Hand-made pieces, traditional or modern, created by Greek designers or even collections by famous brands such as Cavalli, Vogue and Li.L.La.Lo. But, “luxury” does not have to be expensive.

Don’t miss out on the innovative rings and earrings blending sliver with gold. They are characterizes by creativity, originality and elegance. True “jewels” for conspicuous women who know how to get someone’s attention.

At Chrysomilo you will also be excited by a wide variety of unique artistic wedding or christening invitations made by “Kavalieros graphic arts” as well as a vast assortment of wedding favors. The wedding rings displayed will impress you so much that you’ ll truly enjoy wearing them for a lifetime.

AddressAdamas, Milos
Tel.:  (+30) 22870 23617
  • Tourism Awards 2016 SILVER

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