Thalassitra Sailing boat

Thalassitra Sailing boat

Sail in the morning at 10.30 am from Adamas or Paliohori as the winds blow. We eat a light breakfast on the boat, with juices and soft drinks.

As we are passing by Klima, Arkoudes, Vani or Glaronisia we slow down in awe, taking photos is recommended but listening to the stories will be irreplaceable.
We dive on each chance we get and every pirate cave we find, we stop off-shore and sneak inside.

Prying further into the tradition to discover priceless treasures: local delicacies and juicy watermelon! We pick by a buffet with ten traditional Milea dishes, cooked in clay on board, from the captain. And since we enjoyed the trip in the shade, it's time to turn the evening around 18.00. We set sail to Adamas, as the used to.

And if one day is not enough, alternatively you can charter a sailboat with an experienced captain and the cook for the destinations of your choice throughout Greece, with accommodation for 10 people.

Additional services
Load the boat and explore by kayak inaccessible beaches and secret coves of pirates.
With bikes you can explore the beautiful scenery, the walking trails and forgotten aspects of history, tradition and folklore.

Thalassitra boat
The yacht has 5 cabins and lounge. A length of 19.75 m and a width of 6.40 m
The armor is of type Rantopsathi, true to Greek sailing.
Speeds of up to 12 knots and can carry up to 49 passengers.

Technical details
L.O.A. : 19,75 m
Beam: 6,40 m
Draught: 2,26 m
Cruising Speed: 14knots
Guests: 10
Crew: 3

Crew & Contact
Roris Kopanakis : (+30) 694 7276590
Vangelis Lillis: (+30) 694 4636264
Stamatis Lillis: (+30) 699 9636264

Futher information about the excursions: Thalassitra Village


Contact: Stamatis Lillis
AddressPort, Adamas
Tel.:  (+30) 694 7276590
  • Tourism Awards 2016 SILVER

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