In the southwest tip of Milos we come across the Kleftiko. Kleftiko is not a beach in its classical definition we all know.... Read more
The beach of Gerontas is another beach in Milos located in the southern part of the island. It is accessible by ca... Read more
Provatas is quite a large beach with goldenreddish sand and shallow waters, suitable for young children.. Read more
The beach of Firiplaka is a fairly large beach, cut in half by a large rock (plate) which has been detached from the mountain.. Read more
Tsigrado is a beach with fine white sand located on the south side of Milos between the beaches of Firiplaka and Gerakas.. Read more
The beach of Agia Kyriaki is one of the most popular beaches of Milos island. It is located 8 km away from Adamas... Read more
Paliochori is one of the beaches you should definitely visit for a swim. You will get there by following the paved road after Zephyria... Read more
Fyropotamos is a small village with a beautiful beach in north of Milos. The sandy beach is surrounded by trees...
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Shortly before arriving in Sarakiniko make a stop in the seaside village Mandrakia, in order to enjoy a short... Read more
Sarakiniko is a uniquely beautiful place to enjoy the sea and your swim. The landscape resembles to a lunar since... Read more
Leaving Sarakiniko and going towards Pollonia and to your left you will meet the traditional village of Mytaka.. Read more
The beach of Alogomandra consists of two smaller sandy beaches, separated by rocks in the shape of stockyard (Greek: mandra), from which it got its name.
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Papafragas little before, we meet Pachaina, a double beach overlooking Glaronisia. The beach is not organized,... Read more
The Papafragas is a must visit beach of Milos island. In fact it is a sea cave, which was used in the past as a pirate base.
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The bay of Pollonia lies on the north side of Milos and protects the beach from the wind, which is sandy... Read more
The beach of Lagada lies right next to Adamas and in fact is the natural extension of the harbor.
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The beach of Papikinou is a huge beach stretching the left of Adamas and along the coastal road which connects southeast island of Milos.
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Endless sand beach with a great view towards Adamas and Plaka. The Achivadolimni or Chivadolimni (Clamlake) is located at the southernmost point... Read more
Like almost all beaches in the west side of Milos, Agathia is very difficult to access by land because of a bad road... Read more
Just like the Triads, the beach of Ag. Ioannis consists of three (3) beaches. Two of them are easily accessible... Read more
On the west and to the south of Milos island you will find the cave of Sykia (Fig Tree). Access is only possible from the sea.

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The Triads are three beaches next to each other with common characteristics of fine sand and crystal waters.

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Its better to visit the beach of the Milos sulphur mines with a boat. Otherwise, if you decide to go by car, you shoul...
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The beach of Ammoudaraki is destined for your desktop wallpaper, featuring beautiful golden sand, clear turquoise waters along with white rocks; all this together form a unique landscape.

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