Milos Sulphur Mines

Milos Sulphur Mines

The island of Milos often reminds visitors of its mining history. It does so by the sulphur mines located on the east side of the island.

It is worth visiting these mines and find yourself traveling back in time. Facing the sulphur mines, where up to 50 years ago sulphure was being mined, it feels like they have never stopped working. The ruins of the facilities along with all sorts of tools and objects, the railroad wagons carrying the sulphur in ships, make it easy on every visitor to imagine how the workers were working in this mines.

The sulphur mines operated from 1890 to 1960 with some interruptions. Because of the ig production of cheap sulfur, mainly in America, the mines finally stopped operating.

Meanwhile, the sea and at this point of Milos is unique; Swim in the crystal clear waters and lie down on the colorful (shades of yellow due to sulfur) pebbles of the coast.
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