The Catacombs of Milos are the first major Community cemetery of the early Christian times.

The original format was three major independent underground stoa (A, B, C) cut into the porous volcanic rock and each one was associated with a smaller one.
Nowadays are complex as the three main galleries communicating with each other with newer openings made in the 20th century.

The cluster fills a rectangular burial chamber in the form of cubicula of the Rome catacombs. Each gallery has different width which varies from one to five meters, and different height, from 1.60 to 2.50 meters. The walls of the galleries are carved arches, "arcosolia" within which shaped graves while a large number of burials. Some of the arcosolia have colored decoration up to the rim of arcosolia usually in red color and the Epiphany of the drum is colored in deep blue color.

Very few traces are still preserved of the colored decoration, like a few excerpts of inscriptions. These few signs are important for the information they provide us for Christians names, maxims of the ancient clergy and faith of the first Christians in angels protectors of graves...

The current main entrance of the catacombs, opened at the beginning of the century and so the visitor enters the gallery today B that is the only temporary demountable. On the right side of the portico B saved the only two-storey tomb of the catacombs and fragments of the most important inscription in capital red letters inside a rectangular frame.

The Catacombs were used as a cemetery but also as a place of worship, as the piece of rock has been left in place in the middle of the gallery B to serve as an altar, proves. The bases that were found in all four limbs in the survey of 1928, were probably used for a "box" like which was standing above the altar.

The shape, reminiscent carnivore led to the hypothesis that it was the tomb of an official or one of the first bishops of the Christian Milos.
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