Paliorema-Sulphur Mines

Its better to visit the beach of the Milos sulphur mines with a boat. Otherwise, if you decide to go by car, you shoul...


In the southwest tip of Milos we come across the Kleftiko. Kleftiko is not a beach in its classical definition we all know....


The beach of Firiplaka is a fairly large beach, cut in half by a large rock (plate) which has been detached from the mountain..


Sarakiniko is a uniquely beautiful place to enjoy the sea and your swim. The landscape resembles to a lunar since...


The capital of Milos is Plaka, which is built over the village of Adamas, at an altitude of about 200 m.It is a picturesque capital...


Klima is a traditional settlement under the village of Plaka where you can see the «sirmata».


Mandrakia is another seaside settlement of Milos, with several well preserved «wires»,...

Milos Sulphur Mines

The island of Milos often reminds visitors of its mining history. It does so by the sulphur mines located on the east side of the island.

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